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“Why…?” he blinked at him. Stupid bastard. “Do you not trust me? It’s just a knife.” he huffed, still holding the knife. Could Antonio change his mind? Maybe, maybe not.

Spain found it extremely difficult to persuade himself. From another point of view his fears might looked stupid. He didn’t want to make Romano feel untrusted.

«Ah, its ok. Please cut them». he said calmly.

After all Romano was an Italian…he should knew how to cook…and if he was that usueless with weapons he would have already died at war.

At Spain’s House


“Eh..?” He followed Antonio’s gaze to the knife and picked it up. “I can cut the carrots for you.” he said. He really wanted to help Spain so he could try, no? He held the knife and looked at it. It looked… really sharp.

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Spain observed Romano as he was taking the knife. He should keep calm. He should keep calm. It was just an ordinary kitchen knife….what the hell could happen with an ordinary kitchen ”sharp” knife….sharp….he could cut 1 carrot…or his fingers…

He knew he shouldn’t think that way. He knew he shouldn’t think that way! He knew he shouldn’t after all he was the one that asked Romano to help him. And Romano was a big boy now. Yes, he should trust him with that knife…but…it was above his powers…

"Eh, Romano….i…i..really want help with the spaghetti"

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Make pasta, not war!: tomate-adicto: Spain laughed when Feliciano almost dropped his bag....


Feliciano came closer to his friend and put his grocery bag on the ground.

Ah it’sa good to have a break sometime!! We all need time to relax, sì!”, the boy looked up at the clear blue sky. It was a really beatiful day, Antonio was lucky that he had a break when the weather was so nice.

You’re looking for fratello? I though he was at your home??

"At my home? No. Romano is never at my home lately…." he said with a sad tone and stared at the sky too.

It seemed that Romano has taken his idependence too seriously. But wasn’t it only natural? After all he and Romano were really weak and poor now…

”Hey would you like a drink?” he asked Feliciano. He wanted somebody to talk to about Romano. And there was no better for that than his brother…

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At Spain’s House


“Help you..?” he blinked, wondering if Spain was serious. When Spain didn’t say, “Nevermind.”, Lovino nodded, “I suppose.” He walked into the kitchen and stood beside Antonio.

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"All right!” Spain looked a bit spaced out at Romano. What would he put him to do, to be sure he wouldn’t destroy something…everything looked quite dangerous…

”Would you like me to teach you to cut some carrots?” he said not sure about what he was about to do. He looked at the knife like it was a serial killer….maybe he should put him take care of the spagetti until its done.

”Or would you like to look the spagetti until its done? be careful though…”

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